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Considering the freewheeling Renaissance man nature of his musical resume, and how in demand he’s been as a touring sideman and songwriter, fans can certainly understand why the versatile sax artist Reggie Hines has such large gaps between solo releases. Yet the release of his stylistically varied, highly autobiographical new album Time Travel, featuring a dynamic full band and stellar performances by Alyson Williams and Karen Briggs, feels less like a sideman taking his pandemic break to create an incredible one off album than the emergence of a major urban jazz star who’s here for the long haul. Hines’ ability to complement picture perfect radio ready gems like “Might as Well” with trippy, surreal fusion and orchestrally tinged and horn fired sonic details makes him a powerful presence who is as bold and adventurous as he is whimsical, spontaneous and grooving. His invitation to Time Travel is more than an irresistible peak into his musical past – it’s an open door to what promises to be a vibrant future. – Jonathan Widran 

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